The Ambassadors provides volunteer students & alumni the opportunity to represent the Dimensions of Learning Academy program at various open house’s, registration and community events.  Student Ambassadors attend these events and make themselves available to answer questions from the actual student perspective about a variety of subjects to prospective families, community members, etc.  This media of communication becomes another outreach resource for helping showcase Dimensions One (positive attitude).

For more information on joining the Ambassadors contact Ms. Pearson at or call the main office at 262-359-6849.

Announcement Team

Students may join Announcement Team in grades 2-8.  The students meet regularly during the school day to maintain a calendar listing important school events, fundraising opportunities, socials, community events, etc and then facilitate the actual announcements to the learning community during our morning meetings each day.

To join, please contact Ms. Pearson or call the main office for more information.

Art Aficionados

The Art Aficionados consists of parents, grandparents and adult family members of Dimensions students, who are interested in the art world and would like to share that interest with students in the classroom.  Members work collaboratively with the art teacher to create an annual calendar each year.

Parents facilitate pre-designed instruction (provided through the program) to a specific grade level and then provide the class a chance to create their own personal artwork based on the lesson learned. Through this wonderful and unique program at Dimensions of Learning, parents have the opportunity to work directly with students at different grade levels and students have greater exposure to some of histories most influential artists and their work!  For more information about joining the Art Aficionados, contact our Art Teacher or the Main Office at 262-359-6849.

Book Club – Grades 3-5

The Dimensions of Learning Book Club is a fun, engaging, and stimulating club that allows children to discuss literature in a stimulating but relaxed environment. All books are chosen to challenge children of all ages, spark their ideas, and promote thoughtful discussion. Discussions are led by Mrs. Franz and will follow the Dimensions of Learning Framework.

Our book club makes it possible for all of our members, regardless of reading level, to contribute with confidence and learn from one another!

Dimensions Extensions

  • Artists Challenge (Monday)
  • Fun & Fit (Tuesday)
  • Tasty & Healthy Cooking (Wednesday)
  • Eager to Sing & Dance (Thursday)
  • Run & Fun (Friday)
  • R.E.A.D.
  • Opportunity Center

Dirty Kids Club

The Dirty Kids Club is a volunteer club whose focus is on horticulture and gardening.  Students if you enjoy the thought of “rolling up your sleeves to get dirty”, then THIS IS the club for you!  Students meet once per month after school from September/October through June.  Students and their families also have the opportunity to continue to participate during the summer month as volunteer support members of the Dirty Kids Club (gardens DO GROW ALL SUMMER…well if you planted them right THEY DO).

Students learn about plant species, soil preparation and amendment, seed germination, organics, rain barrels and water diversion techniques, bio-diversity, pest control, harvesting and so much more from expert Master Gardener, Mrs. Whyte and all her adult volunteer support team.  Parents also have the chance to join.  Contact the main office for more details on how you, as a parent can support or join in the fun as a Dirty Kid member too.

Fifth Grade Basketball

The 5th graders at Dimensions of Learning participate in the CYC/Rotary Basketball League. The basketball league is coed.  All games are played on Wednesday afternoons at 2:30, 3:00, 4:00, or 5:00 at Frank Elementary School.

All practices are held during fitness break time at Dimensions of Learning from 11:05-11:30.

Academics, sportsmanship and effort are the keys to being a successful student athlete and team player.  Basketball is a team sport, so conduct detrimental to the team is not tolerated.  Students will also need to have grades of C or better in every class to participate.  Any student that drops below a C average in any class will not be allowed to participate until their grades have improved.  Students will also need to arrive at school on time, complete homework on time, and be respectful at all times.  Unsportsmanlike conduct in school or on the court will have consequences!

Parents must provide transportation to and from all games.  Carpooling is recommended if possible.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by email at or by phone at 359-3108.

Fitness Break Program

Equipment managers are assigned on a weekly basis. Equipment managers are in 2nd-5th grade. The equipment manager group size ranges from 4-6 students per group. Students sign up on a voluntary basis. The Equipment manager’s job is to make sure all equipment has been put away in the shed after all other students have gone to lunch. The Managers are also responsible for keeping the Fitness Break bags and shed clean and organized. The managers also canvas the entire playground area to see if any equipment has been left behind. The managers work every day for one week.

Fitness Break Captains are hired at the beginning of the year. Equipment captains must have “equipment manager” experience to obtain the job. Three captains are chosen to work the entire school year, so they are on duty every three weeks. The captains train the equipment managers, they make sure all equipment is put away, they make sure the shed is organized, and they assign equipment managers to lock the shed before going to lunch.

The Fitness Break Supervisor is also hired at the beginning of the year. He/she guides and directs the captains and the managers. She/he is on duty every day of every week of the school year!  The supervisor must have previous experience as an equipment manager, must be a very organized, and must be committed to their job. They assume all the same responsibilities as the managers and captains, plus they must design a floor plan of the shed, so the managers and captains know how to organize the stored equipment.

Fourth Grade Musical 

All fourth grade students may choose to participate in an annual tradition called the Fourth Grade Musical.  These students are coached in the finer points of thespian tradition as it relates to musical theatre.  The rehearsals are conducted during the course of the school day.  Parents/family members are encouraged to support their student(s) as a cast member by helping provide props/costumes and by joining our student body for the performance (date TBA annually).

The performers are coached in the areas of stage presence, basic stage management, prop making, vocal and voice projection, choral music, character development, script interpretation, audience engagement and many other finer points of theatre presentation.  This is a wonderful and unique learning opportunity for our students at Dimensions and the Fourth Grade Musicals never fail to produce some truly outstanding young actors & actresses!

Geography Bee

Students in grades sixth through eighth who have a passion for, and excel at, geography have a chance to participate in the Geography Bee.  The Geography Bee is hosted by our social studies teacher, with materials being prepared by the National Geographic Society. The Geography Bee consists of seven preliminary rounds, one final round, and one championship round to determine the winner. The school winner completes an exam provided by the National Geographic Society to determine if they advance to the state competition.

Grin (Green Initiative Kids)

GrIn (Gr=Green & In=Initiative) is the student driven organization (3-8 grade) of the Dimensions of Learning Academy’s Green Initiative umbrella. Dimensions is a leader in supporting environmentally sustainability.  The GrIn kids; work together to, facilitate school-wide events, maintain our “green” information board, update the Green Initiative Web Page on our school site, organize community and service learning, collaborate with other internal and external organization, and so much more! These are kids committed to leadership as stewards of the planet we ALL SHARE!


Happy Campers

The Happy Campers consists of Dimensions of Learning Academy families (current and alumni), who love to camp.  Whether you are hardcore tenters or recreational vehicle folks, we would love to include you in our annual outings.  We camp once or twice a year as a group at local state parks like, Kohler Andrea State Park, Richard Bong Recreation Park and Kettle Moraine South Unit.  The groups have made a tradition of having campfire sing a longs, nature scavenger hunts, olympic games and Saturday pot lucks together!  There is plenty of time to meet and greet and plenty of time to quietly enjoy your private site as you wish.

If you are interested in helping to plan this year’s camp plan’s contact Ms. Landre at or the main office to discuss how or join us on Facebook.

Lunch Bunch

The Lunch Bunch is a unique school volunteer service opportunity, for middle school students at Dimensions of Learning Academy. Students in sixth, seventh and eighth grade are given the opportunity to join their peers in small groups, that rotate turns hauling trash from the three lunch periods each day.

The Lunch Bunch, serve the entire school body through this simple task.  Through this simple exercise in selflessness students can find the joy of working as a team no matter what task needs accomplishing in life.

Lunch Bunch students have properly disposed of over 178 cubic tons (estimated EPA WasteWise formula, 2011) of lunchroom waste in service to all at our school and learned to see value and feel a sense of satisfaction in having done the work since 2002!

Being good is commendable, but only when it is combined with doing good is it useful. ~Unknown

Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does. ~William James

Math Team

Joining the Dimensions of Learning Math Team pushes your math abilities to the next level!  Math Team members are chosen by the middle school math teacher and coach, Mrs. Rapinchuk.

Sixth, seventh, and eighth grade teams are formed and members are chosen based on math ability, math grades, and critical thinking skills.  Math team meets after school to practice challenging math problems that they may face during a district competition.

The math meet this year was held on January 30, 2012 from 4:30-7:30 at Lance Middle School and we had 5 teams compete.  The teams worked really hard and had a blast!!!

Middle School Athletes

Students are able to participate in all athletic programs at their home/boundary schools. For more information contact the athletic department of Kenosha Unified School District. Students are able to participate in all athletic programs at their home/boundary schools. For more information contact the athletic department of Kenosha Unified School District.

Middle School Book Club

Students in sixth, seventh and eighth grades are provided the opportunity to join with students across the Kenosha Unified School District by participating in the “Got Books” book club, which is sponsored by the District. Six book titles are voted upon and the top vote getters are selected for reading throughout the year. By attending our book club, students have then earned the opportunity to meet and hear an author speak about their writing journey.

Mighty Acorns

Mighty Acorns is a service learning program currently run by Mrs. Krone and the naturalist at Pringle Nature Center with the fifth grade class. Students learn environmental stewardship and appreciation for the earth. As part of the Science curriculum, students study ecosystems, native species, invasive species and human interactions in the balance of nature. Three field trips are taken by the class to learn more about Wisconsin ecosystems and to volunteer to help in the planting of native plants and the eradication of invasive species. Dimensions of Learning Academy was the first school in Wisconsin to participate in Mighty Acorns.

National Junior Honor Society

Dimensions of Learning Academy hosts a chapter of the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS), which is an organization that promotes appropriate recognition for students who reflect outstanding accomplishments in the areas of scholarship, character, leadership, citizenship and service. Membership is regarded as a valid indicator that the student will excel in future educational studies and in life.

NJHS promotes the educational goals of our school. Membership is a privilege, not a right. For the past several years, members of our society have diligently and consistently served our school by attending to our recycling program.

Anyone seeking more information about National Junior Honor Society is welcome to contact the advisors: Mrs. Serpe, Mrs. White and Ms. Thompson.

Piano Lessons

Private piano lessons are available at Dimensions during fitness breaks/lunch periods through MMS Studios for a fee. Students may choose to begin piano studies upon entering second grade.  Mrs. Monica Scholz of MMS Studio instructs these private/semi-private piano lessons.

For more information about available spots, cost or specifics call the main office at 262-359-6849.

Safety Patrol

Safety Patrol is open to students in sixth thru eighth grade.  Students in Safety Patrol volunteer to assist in the safe arrival and dismissal of Dimensions students. They work as teams under the direction of student captains. Teams serve on a rotating basis. Safety Patrol is open to all responsible middle school students. Sign up is in September.  Our school safety patrol is a partner of the Kenosha DARE PROGRAM and the Deputy Friendly Program.

Scouting (Boy & Girl)

Designed to fulfill the specific needs of girls, Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast(GSWISE) serves more than 28,500 girl members in grades K-12 in Kenosha, Milwaukee, Racine, Waukesha, and Washington counties; southern Ozaukee County; and East Troy in Walworth County.

GSWISE provides a girl-centered quality leadership experience that meets the needs of girls in a fast-changing world and ensures a lifelong connection with Girl Scouting. Partnered with adult volunteers and community, and infused with the principles of inclusion and diversity, GSWISE is the premier organization for girls.

Through the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, girls Discover, Connect, and Take Action, GSWISE carries out its mission of building girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.

Dimensions of Learning hosts daisy, brownie and girl scout troops annually along with Cub and Boy Scout Troops as adult leaders volunteer to create troops. For more information about available scout packs/troops call the Main Office at 262-359-6849 or contact the local GSWISE or Boy Scout Council of Southeast Wisconsin.

Ski Club

Ski Club offers students and their family members the opportunity to enjoy the “great outdoors” with their fellow Dimensions learning community.  Intermediate and advanced skiers, snowboarders or just those who like to hang out in the lodge and watch the skiers and snowboards by the fire are welcome to join us.  Dimensions of Learning parents and staff have facilitated this seasonal club since 2001!  Lessons for beginners are offered through Wilmot Ski Mountain. Please contact Wilmot Ski Mountain at (262) 862-2301.

Ski Club meets at Wilmot Ski Mountain four times annually (weather/conditions permitting). The Ski Club dates are held after-school beginning in January and ending in early March.

Group discounts are provided to help defray the cost of lift tickets. Rentals are available at Wilmot Mountain for a fee. Information about this year’s Ski Club dates may be requested, by contacting our main office, 262-359-6849 or checking the monthly Dimensions of Learning newsletters during the ski season.

Come out and join the winter fun! Join Dimensions Ski Club!

Solo and Ensemble

See MUSIC CLASSROOM PAGE for more information about Solo and Ensemble at Dimensions.

Student Council

Student council is the student governing body at Dimensions of Learning Academy.  Members meet once a month to participate as a group.  Meetings are facilitated by the Executive Student Council and it’s current advisor. Student council members contribute to the overall Dimensions learning community in many ways including: the development of fundraising opportunities, community service projects and drives, encouraging student involvement, promoting civic pride in our community, providing communication and collaboration amongst all grade levels through monthly classroom reports, and helping to develop the calendar year of student and family events both in school and in the local community (skate nights, pumpkin farm outings, school spirit day themes, etc.).  Students in grades 3-8 are eligible to serve as Classroom Representatives in student council.  Student Council Executive Officers are elected by the student body at a special election held in the spring of each school year.  Students choosing to run for one of the four Executive Officer posts (President, Vice-President, Secretary, & Treasurer) may choose to develop a campaign during the week/days prior to the election day.  More information regarding the elections/campaigns are provided to interested candidates prior to the election date of a given year.

School Store

Students in all grades are given the opportunity to fill out an application in September/October of each new school year to work at the school store. The store is managed through our Student Council, but all students may volunteer to work at our store and gain useful experience in sales and marketing for our school.

Applications are available in the Main Office or through the Student Council Treasurer.

For more information about this program, contact Ms. Diana Pearson, Principal/Student Council Advisor at or call the Main Office at 262-359-6849.

Technology Monitors

Technology is an integral part of the learning process at Dimensions of Learning Academy.  It is an investment that we take seriously and so we have developed a unique opportunity for our students to engage in an entry level IT experience known as Dimensions Technology Monitors.  Students may choose to represent their class (and the entire learning community), as student computer support team member.  Students can volunteer to serve as a tech monitor at the start of each school year.  The chosen tech monitors will meet with the Principal, IT Support Staff and other involved staff members to be trained in the proper handling of our buildings mac books, i-pads and other peripheral technologies to aid the learning community on a daily basis.  Tech monitors are responsible for auditing individual computers, basic maintenance (screens, keyboards, etc.) and helping to ensure a user-friendly lab space.  All monitoring occurs during the course of the school day, so NO additional time is required to participate as a tech monitor.


Our school yearbook is created by parents and adult family member of students at Dimensions. People who are interested in taking photos of school activities and special events throughout the school year, choosing the photos for the yearbook, helping with archive photos, and collaborating on various details (cover choices, layout, backgrounds, fonts, etc) to create this wonderful memory book should sign up at the Dimensions Connections Forum (Sept/Oct) or anytime through April 1st.

Call the Dimensions of Learning Academy Main Office, 262-359-6849 for more details.